Summer Chen

Innovation & Design


Water Resillience and Sustainability
Patent Pending: GB 2301146.3
Winner of Mayor’s Entrepreneur Award
Exhibited @ Dubai Design Week 2023

Project Duration: 3 months-ongoing
With: Hunaid Nagaria | Henry Parkin | Adhesh Shenoy
Role: Design Researcher&Inventor

Guerrilla is a highly efficient device meant for membrane-less removal of pollutants from surface water runoff.


30% of all ocean pollution is mobilised by surface water runoff, making it the single largest mobiliser of city pollution into the environment. When it rains, debris of human activity washes away from our impervious built environment and roads. With toxicity comparable to sewage, this runoff is a cocktail of road, tyre, and brake wear, microplastics, toxic hydrocarbons, heavy metals, pathogens etc. and is discharged into water bodies untreated, damaging aquatic ecosystems and human health. Addressing the problem at scale has previously been ruled out due to the cost and disruptiveness of infrastructural overhaul.


Guerrilla extracts contaminants passively using no membranes, moving parts or electricity and operates at high flow rates and high efficiency, while fitting into the current maintenance regime of cities.

Guerrilla is versatile and retrofittable into various sized existing roadside drains as an array of individual units which can independently perform highly efficient phase separation (98% with simulated runoff) without reducing the throughput capabilities of the roadside drain.

Based on predictive analysis: In a city such as London, with the installation of Guerrilla in just 250 strategic roadside drains, the turbidity of the river Thames can be brought down by 37% at less than the cost of a Toyota Prius.


By capturing the contaminants from the stormwater near the first entry point into the drainage system, we prevent them from breaking down and diffusing into the waste-water network, thus massively improving the quality of water discharged into the nearby water bodies.

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